Typing Test

Below you’ll find our free typing test, it’s easy and results are instant. Competition is fierce, especially in a market where so many people are trying to get the same job you are. You need an edge and that is exactly what you’ll find on this site!

 Companies are experiencing incredible turnout for the simplest of job postings and need a way to narrow down the selection; the best way to screen a potential employees is by giving applicants a typing test. You can have little or no education and still beat out others applying for the same job by simply being better at typing!

Java NOT detected! Sorry, but it looks as though you have Java disabled. Please enable Java to run this typing test.

I have seen it happen time and time again – a highly educated applicant with all the right qualifications failed to get a job simply because they took their typing speed for granted!

Be the person that blows away the competition by using our free typing tests; they are completely anonymous, extremely easy to use and straight forward without any surprises.

Online Typing Tests and Common Tricks

One of the most disturbing tricks I have found are sites offering a free typing test only to hold back the results until you pay a fee! Worse yet are sites that offer test results only by email and then sell your contact information to mass mailers.

Results of our typing test are instantaneous and appear on the screen at completion. We never require your personal information, email address or other identifying information, so you can rest assured that your test is private.

If you are a business, you can use our typing test to help screen applicants or help employees improve their typing speed. Again, everything is free and we don’t charge you just because you have a business. You’ll also enjoy the built in security features to prevent applicants from falsifying the results of their typing test.

Some organizations require test results to be verified. You’ll find our built in verification system works great and helps insure the accuracy of every test.

How to Take our Free Online Typing Test

Below you’ll find a number of options for this online typing test. Most options include text from popular authors unless you are using custom text. This online typing test also includes the ability to set a time limit ranging from 1 to 10 minutes.

As you start the test, two boxes will appear. The top box is the actual text used for the typing test while the bottom box displays the text you are typing.

Once you start, you’ll notice a small pause as the system prepares the test and then the first word will appear in blue. As soon as you start typing, the system begins recording your keystrokes and highlights any typing errors you may make in red.

Once a typing error has been marked red, you can not change it. Errors are marked in red only after you press the space bar, so you can correct a letter, but not a word. True typing tests account for accuracy by not allowing words to be corrected, and this online typing test is held to the same standard.

You’ll also notice a timer located to the right that counts up to the time you have allotted for the typing test.

Results are displayed immediately after the test is completed. You’ll notice the option to enter email and contact information, many organizations use this free online typing test as a way to screen applicants and in such cases, verified results are sent to the personnel department.

If you would like your score to be entered into our online typing test Hall of Fame, but don’t want to enter your email address or name, simply enter a space in each field and click on Send Results.

We welcome you to Test My Typing.com and hope your experience here is a positive one. If ever you have a suggestion, please leave a comment, we constantly strive to enhance the site!


  1. WannaBe22 says

    wpm & cpm both 99% Accuracy was excellent but it said my speed at 68 wpm was moderate. I’m a bit insulted – that’s darn near 70 wpm – a speed I am personally proud of. Not my 90 wpm I did when I was in school taking timed writings every day, but still pretty good I think 😀

  2. i just want to have a typing practice to improve my speed

  3. I did ok f or my first time ever taking this test yay.

    cmp was 97%
    wpm 89%

  4. I got 186WPM. This is easy as eating pie.

  5. My accuracy 98% 😀

  6. it was really good i got a perfect result i got top marks.

  7. usha krishna mohan says

    hello!my speed is 20 wpm . It seems impossible .nothing seems to help .don’t know how others manage .please help me

  8. 53 wpm 🙁

  9. Baammm cpm 98% / 265 and 95% / 66 for Wpm … I am truly amazing hahahhaha … i like this… you can read while increasing your Wpm !

  10. Walid Al Yafeai says

    Hi, I’m from the Abu Dhabi and taking the test as part of a class assignment. Wanted to say hello and thank you for the test!

  11. Maria Bouzis says

    Hi Nichole,

    Here is a copy of my typing test. I hope this typing test is enough for the requirement that is needed for the position. If not, let me know then I will re-do it. I hope this works for you. Can you attach this to my application I applied Saturday for the Public Record Specialist position.

    Maria Bouzis

  12. sailtaaj kunwar says

    i need a typing job fast for my home..my typing is very fast..

  13. cpm-98%/101
    5 mins
    So happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. awesome, 100% on wpm and cpm with 60 wpm (1 word a second!) and 227 cpm. But I know I can do better. I need an :aww yeah!: meme with this comment!

  15. Khalid al-hajaj says

    55 cpm , accuracy 95% … WOW

  16. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have improved from 21 wpm to 40 wpm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never stop using this site!!!! Now all I have to do is improve to 100 wpm!! ;P

  17. omg! cant believe this im just an average typist! need to practise more thuh!

  18. I don’t like this. I only get 36 wpm at my highest.

  19. Just typed 105wpm!

  20. Butthurt bob says

    ello chaps! I just got me 12wpm

  21. Can anybody get higher that 55Wpm

  22. hey every 1 i got 2 words in 1 minute :)))))))))



    First Qatari person got 50 WPM… hhhhhhhhhh

  24. Hmm.. usually, my typing speed is around 110. I’m a ten year old, by the way. 100 WPM, 426 CPM. 96% accuracy (heh) This is over a one minute test, by zee way. I want to improve my WPM to, perhaps, 125 over the next few months or so.

  25. Esmatullah Hotak says

    I love the Typing too much. Because, it is veryyyyyyyyy important in computering.

  26. This test was easy gt 150cpm and 42wpm

  27. that test was hard

  28. getting worse than i thought:(

  29. hi i got 132 wpm 🙁 it stinks i know

  30. my time was 1.59 min. it was cool i got my speed up over the weekend yeahhhhhhhhhhh…………

  31. i really kinda of dont like this website that much i cant look the sreen and keys fast anough it gets on but it kinda of helps me but i like typing web better . Maybe i get better if i know where the key s are when i typoing a story i klike typing but i dont like being time when i got to type a lot

  32. awsome 123 wpm pls 100%accuracy!

  33. 100 wpm, 100% accuracy… 😀

  34. tanisha bradford says

    wow….dis class is really fun i need my typing skill up

  35. 395cpm….98% accuracy….5 minute test.

  36. i typed 71 wpm

  37. Shaundre Buford says

    Im trying to prepare for my keyboarding class….

  38. hey it i lov yaQ!!!!!

  39. Dvorak-Trainee says

    Wow, I typed 120 wpm. I didn’t think I would score as well as I did. lol And I’ve only been typing on a new keyboard layout since December of ’09. Dvorak > QWERTY definitely!

  40. kishor kumar says

    my name is kishor choudhary . i am from kangra . my age is 23 year old . my oaulification is B.A . i want to job in any were in amritsar .

  41. Jolly good!

    How many words can you get at ten minutes typing? Alas, any less than ten isn’t a real indicator.

  42. this is cool i did good and i think that u should try to

  43. i want to improve my typing skill, how can I do that?

  44. Jake Martin says

    This website is sooo cool! It is the best! : )

  45. wow i say alot diffrent from everybody.

  46. typing speed test my first test worth trying

  47. im 13 and i have 99 wpm. oh yes. in ur faces c:

  48. 75wpm with 96% accuracy and 322 cpm with 97% accuracy and I’ve never had a typing job in my life. But I think I can do better. Retest!

  49. My highest score issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss isssssssssssssssss isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 36wpm and yes i am proud <:3)~~ <——– thats a mouse

  50. @PIP: so serious about the numbers.

    @WINKI: like pip. serious too! even letters. tss.

    @ALVIN: the 3rd guy who’s next to winki. : ) much serious!!!

    so busy about the typingtest.

    my inspiration to do much better in typing. argh! XD

  51. scarlette says

    this is great!!!!

  52. u guys are doing graet keep it up

  53. Skittles says

    This Is The Best Way To Improve Your Speed

  54. samantha beal says

    Up intill now i really believed i was an okay typer but i guess i need to pay attention more.

  55. Hello This Is Game Is Awesome xD HaHa My Friend Ferny Gets 205 Wpm But Am Still Beating Him 225! 😀

  56. Yeah!!!!Im in 6th grade and I got 60 words per minute:)I love this

  57. dori peterson says

    hello my name id dori peterson. i have played this game just two times. but that is enough for me. i highy reccomend this game for beginners. i got 100% already. i love this! <3

  58. Most typing programs consider 36 WPM average. So not really impressed with the “moderate” speed comments. And question… is the WPM adjusted to reflect the errors?

  59. jenna breitbach says

    Im the typing master i got 98WPM and 90 CPM ASK me if you ned help

  60. Alright!!!! 89 wpm and Excellent accuracy!

  61. need more practice…im not happy with 75wpm it should be at least 82 – 85 wpm. Its a challenge to myself.

  62. i am not typing this says

    i suck at typing only 132 WPM

  63. Goege wasitone says

    92 words per minute is splendid
    (I should get a good result I was a secretary for 24 years before I met Belinda!)
    God bless you all.

  64. savannah mae west says

    i love this
    40 wpm

  65. savannah mae west says

    this game is da bom digidy
    40 wpm i rock at this!!!!!!:)

  66. savannah mae west says

    YES!!!!!!!!! i finally got a 40 wpm im so happy and got a 100 accuracy:)

  67. Todd Carr says

    I would really like to use this applet for my keyboarding students! Would you please provide me with the zip file for this?! Thank you.

  68. i am so happy that i have reach 75 WPM one time…….

  69. My son homeschool and I need to get a program where he can type his lessons on, which will tell me the speed he is typing and how many errors he has made. The work he does also needs to be printed, do you know of such a program I can use or download

  70. I just want to know my WPM

  71. @PIP: so serious about the numbers.

    @WINKI: like pip. serious too! even letters. tss.

    @ALVIN: the 3rd guy who’s next to winki. : ) much serious!!!

    so busy about the typingtest.

    my inspiration to do much better in typing. argh! XD

  72. need more SPEED. : (

  73. gosh! my first time to try this typingtest? it feels pressure. i got my typingtest full of errors. think? i should improve more. really need to upgrade some “SPEED” wew! = l

  74. i got 199 wpm and 100 100 all >>>>

  75. Hello people on Earth!
    I am 11 years old!
    I LOVE YOU!!! 🙂

  76. woohoo 76 wpm and 306 cpm…not too shabby.

  77. I have 76 WPM and 100% accuracy and 100 cpm

  78. wow!! wpm 65. cpm 255, first try.. i consider that pretty good! proud….

  79. i like it to it is so cool it is the best

  80. Nunya Bizznes says

    im really young and type 96 wpm. what now beat that people 😀

  81. WPM of 67 and a CPM of 256 along with 100% accuracy…this is much harder then the easy school tests…

  82. I got a WPM of 63 a CPM of 196 and an accuracy of 98%

  83. yes i got 52 im so happy

  84. Not fond of the literature in use. It makes for hard figurative typing because of the old world style language they use. I’d also like to comment on how bad these classic literature pieces are puntuated. What kind of editors were there back then?

  85. i got 92 WPM

  86. this is the best test in teh world it rocks like soo much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  87. i suck at typing only 132 WPM

  88. Man! I did good!
    I got 52 wpm! I am sooooo happy!

  89. cpm stands for characters per minute ;p

  90. I just learned Touch Typing…. Having a speed of only 20WPM with 100% accuracy. Hope to improve upto 50WPM in two months. Practicing 1hr everyday!!!! :))

  91. Runa Chowdhury says

    I can’t find how could i get the test.

  92. 74 WPM and 100% accuracy! Second try! WOOOOO!

  93. 136 wpm, 559 cpm, 95% accuracy.

  94. I got 80 wpm, and 342 cpm. what’s cpm stand for anyway hahah.

  95. who ever said 44 no mistakes? i got 91 n no mistakes

  96. im rocking this

  97. dude my score is 44 with no mistakes woohoo:) haha beat that!!!!

  98. this help me type faster lol

  99. cassardra chisrwilt says

    HeY i GoT tHe BeSt ScOrE eVeR ! i GoT i GoT tHe Score of 54wpm !!!!

  100. Kanisha Greene says

    i tried i just got side tracked on some words 🙁

  101. I have like a high of 72, and I am 11 at the current time. I had to do it for school. It’s fun, though.


  103. Got 73 wpm, and wish I was faster. Was homeschooled, and argued my parents out of making me put my hands in the correct positions. They probably shouldn’t have listened to me.

  104. 68wpm and 98%…
    Why is it considered moderate speed?
    How can I improve it?

  105. My average is around 80-85 wpm and 315-340 cpm with 95%+ accuracy on both and it still says my typing speed is ‘average’. Something is wrong!

  106. I type approximately 80-90 wpm with few errors. I use this testing to polish up my skills and be 100% accurate. I have only seen two reply messages on this board that are error free. I think even more important than being a fast typist, a person should focus on making minimal errors.

  107. this thing is mean!!!!!! could you make it less rude!!!!!!???????????

  108. i hate typing tests they suck im at 43 wpm

  109. uscheedella says

    wow, this is a very long list of comments!!!

  110. Rakesh Rangra says

    MY speed is only 35 wpm but i want to increase my speed day by day.you have any formula tell on my e-mail address.
    jai mata di
    Rakesh Rangra

  111. Naika adriatico says

    i wan’t to take a typing test

  112. i type 100 wpm

  113. Devon Murray says

    Did this guy mean to be so illiterate or did he mean to make so many errors?

  114. got 81 wpm and 97% accuracy!

  115. Yay! I’m only 10 years old, and because I use the computer 24/7 I learned to use the computer faster. When I took the test I got an average of cpm is 96% and for wpm 94%! My accuracy was good and for cpm I got a rate of 180 and for my rate for wpm I got 41. Yippee!

  116. haimi shafiq says

    am slow on typing how can i improve

  117. MarsLovesYou says

    BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! It said I was slow! And i got 51 wpm!

  118. i got 65 wpm and 97%

  119. Okay. I have to do these things for tying class. They really suck.

  120. nonelon otic says

    need this badly!!!!!!!

  121. Nunya Bizznes says

    73 wpm and lovin it!!! XD u guys r great

  122. cool..nice..

  123. Shay Yates says

    Myy Wpm Iss 58
    Thas Tha Most Ive Dhun! 😀

  124. Wow! nice.. Ilove it….

  125. it is very easy to type i am more faster than the typing master

  126. I think you guys are doing great! Typing 30 words a minute with no errors is average.
    My average speed is about 80 wpm.

  127. Abigail Bieber! says

    Hey, i got 34WPM! I bet none of ya’lls can beat that! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH :o) 😛 😀 I ROCK!!!!!!

  128. harrelson merlan says

    I just got 48wpm…. but still improving…. hehe

  129. Please make the writing bigger because you cant’t see the words that you have to type.

  130. Nunya Bizznes says

    im young and i have 70 wpm the most in al classes!! what now??

  131. This is really very helpful for me. Thanks.

  132. 156wpm

  133. linseychriswilt says

    i got a 100 yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Mike Crisswilt says

    howdy!!!!!!!!!!!! my score was 25wpm!!!! thATS excellent! im getting better and better! thanks,
    mike 🙂

  135. i want to fast my typing speed by practicing the programe.

  136. my typing speed is 20, please help me to increase my typing speed.so plz giv me some instruction to improve it

  137. Ankesh Chalana says

    40 words per minute but i am not satisfied

  138. My speed test was so low i guess i want to improve it , it was “58” WPM Accurcey was 100% -.-

  139. i got 115 wpm and 96% accuracy.. ahahha

  140. Very Good job

  141. i got a 34 that sucks

  142. muthukumar.k says

    i think my speed is medium.
    CPM 96%
    WPM 89%
    Current Speed : 27 WPM
    114 Cpm

  143. dude i love tihs website

  144. OMGZERS i got frakn 33 wpm o take that!!!!!!!!!!

  145. i wnt to improve my typing speed test…

  146. i got 30 words per min. not bad but i will keep on practice athea later, alligators

  147. i want to know how accurate i am in typing 🙂

  148. JOSE LOPEZ 6TH GRADE says


  149. my typing speed is 27.I want my typing skills be improve.give me instructions

  150. My accuracy: 95%
    my WPM: 100

  151. Stevie said he typed 197 wpm. Guess that’s 19 wpm or 97 wpm with “197” as a typo!

  152. whwy wont it let us take the test

  153. Aliyah Callihan says

    This is a very interesting story. I know I could not be able to type it in 1 minute, although I could type it in 4 minutes and 38 to 43 seconds.

  154. Its Hard but im still workin!!!!

  155. The changing of the colors as you are typing was very annoying! I hope that my message gets read after all these previous posts about everyone’s wpm.

  156. Yes! I can pass my typing test but seriously it needs more encoriging words

  157. I would like to know how accurate i am, and how to improve it.
    pls give a test to check and how much words iam type per minutes.

  158. hi Sir,
    my speed 96 wpm its god gift and 100 per cent accuracy would get me a slightly better rating than “moderate”.

  159. onecazywhiteguy!!! says

    i average at 45!!! ya!!!

  160. i reached 49wpm, mean i am very fast. but i know a boy, he reached 120 wpm,with boast.

  161. i got 72 wpm/280 cpm and 99% accuracy..is that moderate??

  162. close up smile says

    71 word per minute and not satisfied…

  163. just doing a test run. wanted to see what i would type: 99 wpm/393 cpm

  164. Well, I got 20 wpm only but the good thing is that I only had 1 typo. I really am working on improving my typing but want to keep it accurate.

  165. yay my wpm is 51. Im getting faster and faster

  166. Thug Life says

    I got 14 wpm and still going jajajaja

  167. i really want to improve my typing skill

  168. Typing speed was 100 wpm/ 401 cpm
    100 accuracy wpm/ 98 accuracy cpm

  169. LOL @ Moderate says

    WPM 84 – CPM 322
    LOL, it said my WPM was Moderate!!! hahahahaha

  170. I’m 11 years of age, my typing speed is 82wpm is that good enough? Slow? Average?

  171. Can anyone believe me my speed just 49 in only alphabetically not numerically…!
    How can I improve my numerically speed…?

  172. You guys should add The Catcher In The Rye to the list.

  173. 97 wpm 387 cpm
    97/96 accuracy

  174. I enjoy typing practice in moderation for it is a well mannered system

  175. 96 wpm 387 cpm
    accuracy 99 cpm/ 98 wpm
    need to practice to achieve 100%

  176. 94 wpm, 373 cpm, at 100% – I need to practice

  177. i can type 40 words a minute crazzzy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. I think this test is great! It help me improve a lot.

  179. M.Rafiq Khan says

    My typing speed is so much fast then all the computer user because i am doing this from my chilhood.

  180. mariangomes says

    wow i can’t belive that typing is a fun website and i love typing so fun if you didn’t type maybe you should start typing because it is so fun i love tyyyyypiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg it is so cool yay for typing

  181. mariangomes says

    oh yeah i jost got 84 words per minute boo ya whooo for me and bad for you guys that got lower numbers then me sorrrrryyyyyyyy.

  182. Elizabeth says

    Well I just want to know how to type faster & with better training I will be bettter at typing!

  183. visit turkey video says

    wauww.. this is very hard and very nice but its really hard to type 10 fingers..!! ı got 23 words in one minute..:(

  184. i want to practice typing

  185. Stephanie says

    Not a very accurate test. If you make one mistake, every word after that, even if spelled correctly, shows up in red! I type approximately 80 wpm, but your test shows me at best at 35 wpm because of this problem.

  186. Bummer went through the whole darn test n didn’t get no reward!

  187. awsome typer says

    i got 20 im super fast!!!!!!!

  188. its really hard to got a perfect speed test, i got nervous of it

  189. I got 73 wpm and 98% accuracy T_T

  190. Savannah says

    I have no idea how to spell most of these words!!! It is very hard to type a word if you don’t know how to spell it!

  191. I had good time

  192. mz_bieber says

    my name is ladonna and i will beat this test i know i can so dont worry you can trust ladonna semster alrite good night every body lol 🙂

  193. good game

  194. man i got 50 words per min

  195. cool 95

  196. poopy pants says

    i suck at typing i got 13 wpm


  198. annonymous??? says

    yo dawg i got 26!!!!!!im like sooooooo chillin homie

  199. 96 wpm, beat my last score of 81. And beat the schools record. Im so proud. TOO BAD WE HAVE A SUB. I screen capped it though..

  200. hi got 43 i got to improve my spped . . .any body give me idea to improve

  201. i got 76

  202. jumbalaya says

    78 baby yahoooo(:

  203. Christina says

    I wish there were more than three selections to choose from in the typing test.
    Great site though.

  204. bull shit says

    man i got 10 words

  205. idid prettywell for now 20 wpm but could do some work

  206. i got 53 as my highest about to beat that score

  207. To Giggity says

    It’s not a bright idea posting your school name, or even typing that comment. Hopefully it’ll get removed soon, it wasn’t a smart idea

  208. 47 wpm… slow? rlly? thx for the encouraging words…

  209. I got about 92 wpm
    I think thats good!

  210. iam 30 to bad . . .

  211. Hi,

    I’m from Prince William County Schools in class right now, and I’ve decided to test my typing by entering inappropriate vulgar messages.

    My goal is to keep doing this and have the website owner contact the school with records, such as internal ip address, post times and match that to the computer and student in class.

    I’m really not smart and looking forward to getting some time off from school – my parents will be so proud of me!

    Here I go 🙂

  212. Way to encourage us… 48 wpm = You type slow… gee thanks

  213. 47 wpm isnt rlly too slow… telling us something nice might help…

  214. I got 86 beat that!!!

  215. loved it and i really like the tale of 2 cities easy2 remember

  216. hi i got 26 wpm

  217. i got 95

  218. Gregory 101 says

    this is fun

  219. omg this is the best of all the typing webs i’ve been on!

  220. i got 67 wpm. beat that

  221. cheermania says

    my highest typing speed test score was 45. that staright great !!!!!

  222. Narasimha Murthy says

    My typing speed 55 Words per minutes
    I love typing .

  223. Dewd numero uno says

    I got meself 74
    perfect accuarcy too

  224. Joshua conner says

    I got 56 wpm, and a 100% accuracy.

  225. 110wpm 🙂

  226. Angelo's girl says

    I think im the best typer there is i been experienced since the 7th grade..lol

  227. I got 97 wpm… and for some reason, I believe this thing is wrong. Haha.

  228. Tiffany Monsoon says

    15 wpm is pretty low, and that’s what I got.

  229. how is 44 wpm low

  230. That was fun, 74wpm, accuracy excellent…well well well! Not bad I reckon.

  231. I got 112 WPM. Is that good? Accuracy was only 88% so that I need to work on.

  232. I LOVE this site!!!!!!!!

  233. we have to do this!! but it’s kinda fun.

  234. I got 98 words per minute. woo (:

  235. Razzaq Saqib says

    Its request to you that please change the typing material daily. Thanks

  236. Cyntnia Marquez says

    Very interesting test. Will work on my skills more.

  237. a got better than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. Hello Sir I’m Rahul and I’m stundent of arena. It is at Hyderabad in Dilsukhnagar so I want to Impro my Online Typing speed and I’m every day precte is it at online sir could u please give me to download the all the Typing softwar and all type of mater ok this is my humble requast to you sir reply me sir… Thank Q Sir…

  239. what is the fastest wmp for a twelve year old??

  240. woo hoo i just got 28 wpm.

  241. mizzy hernandez says

    i got acracy 100. typing sppeed 97wpm yayy

  242. hi? im 26 years of ages…i want to be a new career mom…i want to be a good mother…i just wait for my calling …..

  243. Hey my WPM is 95% but im only 13years oly is that great?and my CPM is 97% hehe email me ^_^

  244. Anna Adela Evans says

    CPM: 99%
    WPM: 97%

    Current Speed
    77 wpm
    309 cpm


  245. I already know how fast i type i just want to know how many errors i have made.

  246. get this VICTOIA C.
    200 words per min.
    11 years of age

  247. i did a great job this improved my typing so much this could be more entertaining but besides that i has a good time improving MY typing

  248. I got 52 wpm 91 percent for wpm and 97 percent for cpm

  249. 110 wpm with 97% accuracy on tale of two cities

  250. Really good site to practice your typing abilty…………

  251. wow, i suck!!

  252. Wat is a good wpm score?? wat is slow and wat is fast??

  253. I typed 35WPM with 95% accuracy and 170CPM with 98% accuracy. I think I focus too much on my accuracy and would like to do better with my speed…

  254. 14wpm

  255. i suck
    17 wpm

  256. 31wpm 100% but I looked at the keys. I can’t type without looking at the keys. I guess with practice.

  257. Redante L. Bundang says

    I want my typing skills be improve.

  258. gosh! my typing speed is so slowly, i need to imrpove this…
    before i get 28wpm, but now its only 17wpm…im very disappointed my performance,,grrrrrrr..

  259. Nora Mayuela says

    How can I improve my typing skills? I really would to apply in a call center company and with the typing skills I have now I don’t think I can make it.

  260. i love this tying thing

  261. This is fun. I learn a lot of new typing tips.

  262. i wanna do better

  263. i need to learn more to improve my typing skill

  264. I got 18 wpm & 82 cmp

    LETS SEE WHO CAN BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  265. I typed 60WPM with 98% accuracy and it tells me I need to be better!? This test is visciuos

  266. Really good site to practice your typing ability..

  267. im hopeless 21 wmp at 85%, the worst of it is i participarted in one of these test’s a year ago and it’s gone dowm from 29 wpm lol

  268. hi how is 41 wpm slow for a 14 year old

  269. Karina velez says

    The highest was 98. How cool is that.lol

    Ps:7th grade rocks

  270. The right margins in paragraphs given for the typing tests are cut off. It causes you to automatically make a mistake if you don’t know the wording….can you fix this for better accuracy?

  271. i can type 68 wpm, but i would like to type 80 wpm

  272. Desmond Woodson says

    Yeah! Thats right I just got 54 and im in the 6th grade I kicks butt!!! lol

  273. 41wpm
    Level 1

  274. 78 wpm, 383 cpm. average 96% accuracy. word.

  275. i need to no how fast i am =}

  276. hi g i got 24

  277. Im not use to being timed while typing.

  278. need practice

  279. Im having a hard time typing because Im a slow typer

  280. Desmond woodson says

    I’m sittin on 95% cpm and 93% wpm with 49 words a minute

  281. This is a pretty cool test!!

  282. I type 72 wpm!

  283. Why is it that everytime I type half way through all the words turn to red and are incorrect. It does not look like I skipped a line or any words? Help!!

  284. I keep taking the tet but before I can focus on the results it clears the screen. How do go back and see my results?

  285. My typing speed is low i need to put on more efort.

  286. turkey property invest says

    website speed tools should be like this. very useful and easy

  287. adnanbhatti says

    hi friends i have got 70wpm, and i wa hopping the 100wpm the best typing speed
    and i hope after hard work i will get this speed insha-allah

  288. shenaz jigna says

    Hi, this is shenaz . I am glad to say that i have made my typing speed more faster because of this typing speed. I think that there should be competition while typing speed, there should be more competitors through internet only.

    This online is very much being useful for everyone.

    Thank you

  289. Victoria C. says

    wooo new record
    123 words per minute
    5 errors
    13 years old
    i rock at typing!

  290. i got 140 wps beat that

  291. I got 81 wpm. I’m not an expert typist but I feel dang good about my score lol

  292. i wanna know how fast i am and wanna improve because whenever i have to type 6 page essays, it takes me 4ever, even writing emals or chatting on msn…………………. I NEED HELP!!
    pls help……..(u wont believe how long it took me 2 type this whole thing)

  293. This website is great but for some reason it wont load the typing speed test which works just fine on my gf’s comp, but not mine! don’t know why its a direct link but nothing O.O

  294. >>i took this typing test like a million times and my speed is still SLOW 🙁 <<

  295. Wierd.. got 104 wpm… THATS FAST

  296. Raniprity Thakur says

    i just want to know my typing speed that how i can manage my time with typing if it ll be 3 minutes.

  297. I got 81

  298. wow there is a lot of people commenting on this page, and im not that fast of a typer,[[ im being honest. ]]

  299. Maybe “double space” lessons will help to improve my accruacy, so plz do needful….

  300. 50 WPM 🙂

  301. Desmond woodson says

    Yeah thats rite I just got 51!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  302. I love this test but I’m so bad at typing it seems like it will take forever for me to get my speed up to something that is even passable! -.-

  303. i got a 123wpm and 322cpm

  304. AnimeSibble says

    a couple years ago i was able to type about 60 – 65 wpm but I’ve slowed down a bit i only got 56. I’ve got to start working on my typing again.

  305. i rock at this i got 51 ha ha take that john

  306. iType 40 wpm

  307. I tried it again and wpm was 57%

  308. I did horrible

  309. Hi my name is elizabeth and i wanted to type fast and so i was tpying alot and i love tpying and i can tpye fast…….. now i love tpying i’ am going to pratice so i can get faster and faster so i can be a pro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  310. Best 32 🙂

  311. mutaala emmanuel says

    please i have tried out the tests but still ma speed is low. so how can i improve it

  312. best 20 :))

  313. when i started 25 now 35 🙂

  314. i have improved 🙂

  315. aw come on for an 11yr old girl (or anyone) i don’t think that 47 wpm is slow

  316. I have to agree with Stacey…I can’t type 89 wpm, but I prob haven’t been typing for as long as she has…lol. But like Stacey said she wasn’t relaxed, and neither was I or I could prob do 45 wpm and that is with no mistakes.

  317. some of you are not telling the truth i know or maybe the people who sucked on this test are just afraid to tell the truth. There is no way that most of you got over 70 wpm. 70 wpm is about the speed of a professional typist and there is no way that most of you here are professional typists.

  318. i really like this activity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wish that i could get my typing speed up a little bit though……… the highest that i can ever get is 32 and that is really bad and it stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. I don’t think 74 WPM is moderate…

  320. I got a higher score on other tests. Cool it with the criticism!! My typing is extrmly slow ya right!!!!

  321. doing not soo good score droped a little ^^_

  322. JESSE(JEZZY) says

    man i got 21 words per min. and 93 cpm

  323. oh yeah 98%

  324. jahangir,sitel says

    hey these is very good process to increase my speed.
    initally it was 20 and now it ranges between 25-30 and accuracy is 100%

  325. test type- 10 minutes
    speed – cpm-187 , accuracy -98%
    wpm-39 , accuracy-95%
    conclusion–a lot of work to do!!!
    aim —breaking the 100 wpm mark ,
    method i will adopt — kick the ass out the keyboard and burn my fingers

  326. really good siite to practice your typing ability…! good job…! two thumbs up for the creator…! \m/

  327. Happy I found this site…I get so nervous when taking typing test…Have
    one this week must do 55 WPM…so far my average is 60…but I’m still
    nervouse…I really hate typing test…Do anyone know how to survive taking
    typing tests.

  328. Needs work, im accurate but slow

  329. i got a 44 wpm….is that good for a 16 year old??

  330. John Jacob Schmidt says

    70 wpm @ 98% accuracy, hurray!

  331. Its a good way to practice your typing skills and to get better.I’m not a typing type of person but i got 93%.

  332. Hey Memphis did you say that you work from home. If so where because I would love to work from home.

  333. oh yeah 96% 🙂 🙁

  334. im lowest score is 48

  335. I only got 20 words per min!

  336. that was alsome i gor 65words per minute

  337. I just got 92wpm @ 372cpm with a 97% accuracy and it says my typing speed is moderate. Really? Lol wow.

  338. Katherine reyes says

    ok i just need help on the time and thats all the help i need

  339. I just hope that I improve……59 as of now…

  340. accuracy 95% better than nothing 🙂

  341. got 21 words per minute

  342. I got 25 wpm,…………………………………

  343. i got 51 words for min my hightes ever

  344. got all of the words on my first try 100% accuracy

  345. I know all these stories by heart. I think it is very fun just to go back and type them. Ha I feel old. I first started typing them in the 7th grade. I am a Freshman now 9th grade. man… so long ago it seems 😉 🙂

  346. I only got 30 wpm the first time 🙁

  347. I got 100% accuracy!

  348. 🙂 😀 this is such a great typing exercise 🙂 i have improved from 30wpm to 50wpm

  349. i kind of like typing but ma typing is kind of slow

  350. oh man i cant get it up from 45

  351. my speed is just 42 wpm but its nice
    and i m practising lot more

  352. i need to practice without looking

  353. i love typing!!!! yahooo!!!!!!!

  354. i will strive to type better and faster

  355. I’m soooo slow I wish I knew how to improve my typing skills…I’m at 29 WPM that sucks!!!!!

  356. i want to try your typing test… could you help me for my typing skills?? thank you!

  357. I am having problems reading the story, it is such small print, needs to be enlarged!!

  358. I need a test that will include some numbers also.

  359. wow i got a 97whp
    OH YEAH BABY!!!!!!

  360. Darn,my WPM is 16.I have got to learn how to type faster.

  361. My hands is now in pain and I’m not good yet. But its OK. I have to practice more.

  362. thanks, but am not able to download…..

  363. nancy Betanzos says

    I need to take a test in capitals only. the entire test will be timed like that. I am having a hard time finding a test that allows me to check my speed with capitals only and phone numbers mixed in. is there a test like this.

  364. 72 Wpm and 98.8 percent and im 11

  365. If you want to save your results, just hit CTRL / Print Screen and the whole screen will be copied, to paste into a word file.

  366. 197 words a minute dream on stevie

  367. How can I automatically send the result to my email? Please Help

  368. i would like to know my typing speed

  369. My types was 58 words per minute. In high school it was around 80, I guess I don’t type a lot of papers in college.

  370. OK, i just got 69wpm and it said i needed improvement? Plus, you can’t backspace after typing a word. I agree with that person above me with the long name. It was OK, but it needs improvement.

  371. maryjaneofthejanemary!!!!!!!! lol says

    it was a’ight. it needs improvement.

  372. i have no idea but when i take the typing tests online i feel like sort of rushed but when i dont i can type 30 wpm

  373. I just wanted to know see my Characters Per Minute average… It’s shocking. =O

  374. hi guys, i am wondering what is wpm and cp ….etcc..what is that

  375. I just want to take the typing speed test to know how fast and how accurate I type.

  376. od sik wit it says

    95wpm with a 98% accuracy is moderate? Pfft.. Yeah right..

  377. 98 WPM, CPM 97%, WPM 98%, 397 CMP… HOPING TO BE 100+ ON MY NEXT.

  378. Hey your typing test is fun todo but it cound be better no efense.

  379. Shauna Dalton says

    I am not a computer tech, could you please direct me in “laman terms” on how to reach your typing test page. I am looking for work and need to know what my typing speed is.

    Thank you for your help.

    Shauna Dalton

  380. Yeah baby! 75 wpm and I am 13! 98% accuracy

  381. It’s nice to offer a free test that can be used to prove one’s skills for an employer but I’ve been unable to find a way to save my results for submission to an online application.

  382. If some one types a mistake from the beginning, it does not allow you to go forward with corrected typing. The typing by the applicant stays in red and it does not correct …

    Also, what is the average time to give the test?

  383. Three choices are not enough! Need various texts to choose from so we can have more of a change to test ourselves with. You should also add some tests for numbers. Would be helpful to improve and test ourselves with numbers as well. Thank you!

  384. First try… 96% accuracy– 100 wpm 432 cpm hell yessss. =)

  385. um will its 21 wpm sucks and 70 acc

  386. I am not seeing how to use the type test, PLEASE HELP!!!

  387. I got 51wmp on here, but I don’t like this test very much because it highlights the words for you, if you go to a job, then it will not do this. It is much better practice if you find a test that just has a paragraph on top, the words you type on the bottom, and nothing more…

  388. hello im a good one but maybe i should practice more head jobs( if u no wat i mean

  389. its been awhile……i need to improve my skills now…..especially my typingtest…

  390. tiffanijackson says

    i want to know that my friend myesha want to learn how to type fast how can i know

  391. this is so much fun i can type very the fast as a rabbit can run can you belive that it is soo much fun and your hand doesn’t get tired of wrighting all the time but in sted you can type any thing like storys or letters too i love to type storys and letters and also type all my notes that i take in school. that is so much fun or what thank you a lot

  392. nicole sims says

    i love typing storeys and letters. can i type storys?

  393. I know I can type at least 50wpm or more but whenever I am being tested I freak out…rush myself and always get a score of 40-47wpm. Grr….

  394. sadly I got only 12 wpm

  395. Not such a great test. I found it hard to follow with the colors jumping around. I still had decent speed and accuracy but I prob would have been better if the words didn’t change color.

  396. Diane Jones says

    I need to email my typing test results to a potential employer. How do I do that? Please respond ASAP! Results must be sent immediately or I will not be considered for job.

  397. Lisamarie Evans says

    I am want to take this typing test and it says my computer does not have this plugin installed. Does anybody know what the name of this plugin is called. It doesn’t tell me and I need it even on the othre typing test websites I have gone too.

  398. George Washinton says

    92 words per minute is splendid
    (I should get a good result I was a secretary for 24 years before I met Belinda!)
    God bless you all.

  399. i just need to know how fast i type for school

  400. thanks…..for such a nice software.

    my speed is not so good, its 36 wpm… i will try to improve my speed.

    God bless you all.

  401. 78 WPM…cool! 🙂

  402. Eli Bayker says

    92 wpm 365 cpm 98% accuracy … (from Philippines)

  403. DEWD numero dos says

    Yea man I LOVE typing! 😛 not so much!

  404. This is very good for people who want to know how fast they can type…thumbs up for this typing test.

  405. Blueberry says

    i really like this site because of this site now i can
    type faster and also i want to thank to my teacher that told me this site:)!!!!!!

  406. My wpm speed was moderate even though it was 65 wpm >.<
    This test is kinda bogus! 😀

  407. I would like to know how in the heck you even begin to take this typing test I have tried at least five times now and nothing at all happens I am begining to believe this site is real if anyone knows how to get started here just let me know ok I would love to check my typing speed to see how fast I am on here. Danny

  408. 92…normally I’m faster.

  409. I totally need to improve my typing skills. I just hope this is as much help as I need.

  410. 89 Wpm 98%accuracy

  411. My typing is getting better and better each day. I try to take this test every day to improve my speed.

  412. “your typing speed is slow, try to pay more attention”!!!
    this is not a very encouraging comment when one has just completed the test at 45 words per minute.
    I suggest users try a different site if they wish to remain motivated.

  413. 58 wpm is not “good”, its “very good”!!!!

  414. WOOH HOO!! 23 wpm

  415. SCii Fii says

    for accuracy I got, CPM: 100% and WPM: 100%. Speed is 71 WPM. ohhh yeahhh I still got it..!!! lol.

  416. I just find out the difference. WPM is Words Per Minute and CPM is Characters Per Minute for those that might be wondering. I knew what WPM was just not the CPM. Thanks

  417. I Got 32 WPM and i thought is good any way i’ll keep practise

  418. You CAN print, you need to just click on File….Print Preview….it will bring up all the pages, the test results are on the 2nd page…choose just to print the 2nd page and you have a print out of your typing results.

  419. Good test service for all the people who need to know how capable they are.

  420. 197 words a minute

  421. I just got 80 words a min on tis cool…. Yeaa!!! M33!!! I rock.

  422. Need to no how fast I can type!!! Like duhh I type 80 words a min on my cell. -lolz-
    love ya all!! Ite peace….

  423. I scored 54 wpm and 223 cpm with 100% for accuracy on both. Not bad…

  424. Hi this is Mona, I would like to know how fast I can type and what is my speed.

  425. hi my speed is 43 wpm

  426. This test was hard and it made my eyes hurt after awhile and so did my hands

  427. 67 wpm with 95% accuracy, how is that moderate? lol

  428. I got 150 wpm

  429. Where do I go to e-mail the results to my teacher?

  430. Do you have a ten key test with just the numberic numbers, no dashes or plus signs. If you don’t do you know of a website that night? I need to take a ten key test and it is strictly numbers with no dashes or periods. This is for my employrers.

    Please advise

    Thank you,

  431. dang usually I get over 70 but my n keeps sticking and apparently I’m it’s only 64. I’ll try again….tried to post but it didnt so….but now it says 68 so idk. I come from the generation where you took typing classes from like 2nd grade and continued on until 9th or whatever.

  432. First I got 98 words per minute and I’m moderate??

    Then I did 105 and got “quite fast” rating.
    cool 🙂

  433. i want to improve my typing speed and also a bit accquarcy more plz tell me the way how to improve more

  434. i cant see your typing test were is it>>??
    i want to know me typing speed okey??

  435. ronald daniels says

    how do you copy your test speed results

  436. CPM 98%, WPM 96%, 95 words per minute, 384 characters per minute. They rated me “excellent.” I MUST BE AWESOME!!!

  437. Maylyn A BArtolome says

    I would like to enhance my typing speed..

  438. I made 63 wpm 100% accuracy on a tale of two cities.

  439. I just find out the difference. WPM is Words Per Minute and CPM is Characters Per Minute for those that might be wondering. I knew what WPM was just not the CPM. Thanks

  440. Whats the difference between your WPM and CPM

  441. Neil C Smith says

    I just needed to know how fast my typeing speed was

  442. i love this site

  443. The set up is really bad, i liked it the old way.

  444. I need to know if my typing range is the typing average for people around my age.

  445. Bruce Justice says

    Just needed to know how fast I was.

  446. 89 WPM and 349 CPM not too shabby but then again I’m not relaxed or I’d be well over 100… c’est la vie baby! 🙂 – it’s good to work in the USA!

  447. What? I just did 86 wpm and this thing is saying that is moderate. That is quite absurd, in my opinion.

  448. i want to know how faster i am then evry body

  449. cbnhkadbf says

    yeah i totally agree with you up there my typing speed isnt slow and they said it was ! maybe some nicer comments there buckeroo !

  450. Pranesh Bhargava says

    Accuracy 97%. Speed 73 words per minute.

  451. tom drauer says

    How fast can – type on a blackberry? I have always wondered, and now I know.

  452. ahw..man.,im so slow.,i just got 46 wpm.,without
    looking at the keyboards.,T_T.,

  453. If we ask a question… where is the answer posted?

  454. Yeah ive got 90mph but i think its a bit unfair i usually type like for 6Hrs a day so you know a bit boring job but i get to stay home xD…

  455. dude !!!

    i just got 74 wpm and that is not goosd its really good so you might want to change what it says!~!!!!!~!!!!!!~!!!!!~!!!!!~!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~

  456. Melissa James says

    i have a typing test to take on tuesday

  457. Keifer !!!!!! Woot!!!!! says

    this web suite is the bomb yo is very good i got 55 as my fastest word per min with like 95% accuracy isnt tht awsome? W00t!@!!!!!

  458. i got 26 boo

  459. Nham Pham says

    I would like to know how accure on typing I am, and how to improve it.

  460. It was good, I enjoyed it and now I can see where I need to improve. I used to type for a living working in call centers and things like that so I was very fast and accurate.

  461. I only had 44 wpm; but I’m going to keep practicing…

  462. 42 oh yeah and on my own sweet

  463. hi i got 75

  464. I was hoping 92 wpm and 100 per cent accuracy would get me a slightly better rating than “moderate”. lol

  465. Hi, My Speed is 72 wpm

  466. Used you website to practice and take the test. I like this site, however, it would be nice if there was a way to print the results.

  467. Dude i just got 68 wpm baby Heck YEAH!!!!!

  468. I would like to know how fast I can type without looking at the keyboard and my accuracy to go along with it.

  469. i just want to have a typing practice to improve my speed and accuracy

  470. uh i dont really think that 40wpm is slow. maybe this thing could use some encouraging words.

  471. You should change the testing text every time you repeat the test.

  472. i would like to see how accurate my typing is and find out ways to practice to improve it

  473. I would like to know how accurate i am, and how to improve it.

  474. i just need to know how fast i am and how much i need to improve on

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