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Below you’ll find the typing tutor which will help improve your typing speed and accuracy. To start the test, simply click on the keyboard and watch the L, R, Hands. As always, we welcome any comments you may have and are always looking for ways to improve the tutor.

 Instructions for the Tutor:
This typing tutorial is easy to use and comes with a ton of options to help your improve your typing speed. The typing tutor comes with 10 lessons all of which can be Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Click here to start our Typing Tutor but I suggest you read the rest of the instructions first.

Once you select the appropriate typing lesson you’ll see a screen with hands, numbers and text. As you work, the typing tutorial will present you with typing status, such as Time, Speed and Accuracy.

You’ll also notice that the tutorial will display messages at the bottom of the screen on your progress during the lesson.

As you progress in the tutorial, you’ll notice that the digits of the hand will light up in response to the typed key. This helps you to identify where on the keyboard you are typing.

At the end of the typing tutorial or lesson, you’ll be presented with very detailed statistics that you can either review or cut and paste for documentation. WPM, CPM and error during the typing tutor will be presented.

Follow this typing tutor link to get started. Also included below are some simple but often forgotten typing tutor tips.

Note: We are still working on the text for the typing tutorials, but I’ve put up the tutor for trial. I would love to hear your suggestions! If you have text I can use for the test, please drop me an email and I’ll be more than happy to use it.

Typing Tutorial – Lesson Tips and Tricks

Try to make it through the typing tutorial without looking at the keys. Use quick strokes to strike and release the key rather than hard ‘presses’; lightly press the key and move on to the next one in the tutorial.

Sit erect during the typing tutorial with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Improper posture not only makes you tired, but leads to errors and typing tutor results.

Eyestrain can occur when fonts are too small, reflections appear in the monitor or your surroundings are too dark. The room where you’re using the typing tutor should be well lit and text should be sized so that the typing tutorial is easy on the eyes.

Many poor results during the typing tutorial occur because the finger drifts away from their position. The program will show you where your fingers should be during the test so try to train yourself to remember those positions. After enough tutorials, this will become a habit.

Many people who do poorly on the typing tutor notice that the bottom row of keys have a high error rate. This is because your chair is too close to the keyboard; instead, try moving the chair back, raise your wrists and revisit the typing tutorial.

Make sure that your wrists are not resting against the keyboard or desk during the tutorial! Keep your fingers on the home row keys and your hands slanted upward at the same angle as the keyboard.

If you get headaches during the typing tutorial, you may need to have your vision checked. It’s amazing what a good pair of glasses can do!

The single most important tutorial tip is to enjoy! Take your time, relax and enjoy the online tutor.


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