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Looking to test your 10 key speed? The test below will do just that and comes with a number of options including the ability to change the keys you are tested on and the duration of the test.

 If you have not already read our how our typing test works, I suggest you do so before you take this test. Good Luck!

Wondering what a good rate for a 10 key test is? The minimum data entry rate required by most employers is at least 10,000 keystrokes and an accuracy rate of around 99%. You can have an accuracy rate of 98 to 97% as long as your keystrokes are 12,000 to 15,000 keystrokes.

If you can score 15,000 on this 10 key test and have a high accuracy rate, you should have no problem qualifying for the job; of course, every employer has different standards, so verify the requirements before you set your target.


  1. GoodEnuf says

    I’ve been practicing for the first time on numerical keys and felt proud that I’ve gone from average 2,000 KPH to 3,000 KPH in a day or two… I thought was doing swell, no mistakes either. But now I’m reading 10,000 KPH is the expected speed by employers???… this is ridiculous, my fingers would fall off! It’s even more unbelievable that some of these women type so fast even with super long nails accurately, never hitting double keys at the same time! I cannot and will NEVER compete. Accuracy should be most important to any employer, NOT speedaholism! I believe I’m fast enough and this world needs to SLOW DOWN, we’re too carried away for ourselves! Haste makes waste! Not all of us can be on stimulants to keep up!

  2. Looking for free 10 key please, tnx 😉

  3. this is so easy and so fun i am really enjoying this and it is my first day

  4. this is totally helping me type fast and better

  5. Looking for free 10 key and regular typing tests, thanks for making them available!

  6. Is 198 consider good? I think it was an alpha numeric test. I just took a test for a position and that was my number on the screen at the end of the five minutes test.

  7. cairie zamuel says

    wat r u w8ing 4 test ur typing speed now!!it’s xo cool!!!!

  8. i need to know what my average is.

  9. Looking for a free 10 key and regular typing tests

  10. danng all you guys got like 56 or 76, my best was 40 and my least was 16

  11. In th3 accuracy i got a 85% in the cpmand in th3 wpm i got a 100%iz tha good r bad

  12. how can i download this application?

  13. Please i want to check my tying speed i want to know and learn more

  14. i’m glad to test my typing speed and i have fun and learn to it..a bit nervous when i found my error bcoz im running for the time that has been given…but it improve my hands a lot…thank you

  15. The test worked about 3/4 of the way through. When I get to the row which begins with a “+” sign, I was counted wrong for typing in the + (after I typed in “enter” to get to the next line), then the blue cursor bounced around and skipped the next number. I was getting errors for correct typing : /

  16. Your typing test is very well. But i have to improve it .So please give suggestions to me.Really it’s a great opportunity for us.

  17. I also had problems with the little blue cursor jumping around and messing with my test results and I also could not get my “=” to work with the 10-key test. PLEASE FIX IT !!!!!!

  18. I am not familiar with using the ten key pad. I do not know how to space between the numbers or correct an entry made in error. Please help!

  19. very good

  20. how do i send this to someone if it is a test i need to take for employment purposes?

  21. Ken Commers says

    Your site says a good 10 key score is over 10,000 kspm with 99% accuracy, but it doesn’t add anywhere how in how much time. Could you please email what average speed rates employers expect for specific amounts of time? Thanks

  22. where is the typing test? so, i can start typing test to know my accuracy… please …

  23. The box where the test is suposed to be is blank. Can’t take the test when you can’t even see it!

  24. Deborah Sims says

    I would like to take a 10 key test and alpha numeric test as well.

  25. Steve Haley says

    Hit the wrong key and failed test. I just started.

  26. It’s great that this is offered, but I don’t see where on here to take the test.

  27. for some reason my = sign will not work on the 10 key test. Does anyone have any ideas?

  28. taking a test for a job

  29. It’s pretty hard to practice when the 10-key test is not working properly. The blue prompt bounces all over. Please fix this problem so that the testing will give me an accurate rating of my skills.

  30. I have to take this test twice a day for accounting and I hate it so much! it gets all screwed up half way through the test. LAME

  31. This is Great, Now I can get better!

  32. m.m.f ishna says

    i want simple typing test

  33. sagar jadhav says

    its very helpful.That very good typing test.I like it.

  34. It’s been a long time since work office work in stead of constuction. This is very helpful to have and use.

  35. very helpful, I’m a little slower than I thought

  36. This 10 Key typing test was very helpful and I would recommend it to any one wanting to practice there 10 key number pad!!!

  37. hey sheri the average is 145 for ten key

  38. How fast can I ten key?

  39. What is the average time for the 10 Key typing test? How long?

    Thank you.

  40. Jennifer says

    I would like samples to keep up with my speed

  41. Sherilyn Esmabe says

    im Slow because I cant memorized the keyboard and proper fingers location.

  42. I want simple typing test program

  43. So, what’s a good score?

  44. Rachel Sanchez says

    I have to agree with Lisa L. I attend Everest, and the school uses this site to test our typing and it is messing us up and we get graded on these results. I would be so happy if I got a bad grade because of something I did. But this site doesn’t give us the chance to mess up

  45. Janae Williams says

    this is for a job application

  46. Wait, where is this test? Fix your site. If you don’t have the test yet available say so! I do not see any kind of application on this site that is the actual test!

  47. Looking for a quick 10 key test thx!

  48. i need to test my keyboard

  49. nadine smith says

    thanks for making them available and free

  50. Vernedra Easternn says

    I think that tools that are used in this test will futher my skill level in typing.

  51. are there any practice sections for 10 key???

  52. Lisa Lobbezoo says

    This 10-key test is no longer working properly since the website was re-formatted. This website needs maintenance! try it yourself…doesn’t work! it starts out fine but then the blue characters you are supposed to type start to jump around… sigh

  53. Looking for free 10 key and regular typing tests, thanks for making them available!

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