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Having the need to test our employees typing skills, and to do so in a quick, inexpensive manner, we found the best solution was to create our own typing skills test.

 We wanted a test that would be available from any location and yet maintain our privacy without having to give away confidential information. That is what TestMyTyping.com is all about.

Not only are the typing tests available to everyone, but you’ll find built in security measures to prevent fraud and customized testing modules designed for accuracy and speed.

We’re constantly improving our tests and encourage you to leave feedback. We are currently (2009) working on a completly new typing test program that you can take online and also download, all free of charge. It will have a very polished look and be completely flash based with all the bells and whistles you would find in a commercial package or service. You asked for it, you got it! Please keep the suggestions coming!

You can leave us feedback in the way of a comment. Suggest away – chances are we’ll program it!

Enjoy the site and good luck!

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  1. Whoops… sorry… I just noticed that even though it gave me that error it still opened a separate tab with the results.

  2. Hi –
    I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem but when I get to the end of the typing test, as it’s displaying the results, it keeps giving me a 404 error, page not found.

  3. What does the cpm stand for at the end of the test?

    Hi Peg,

    CPM is Characters Per Minute

    I hope you enjoyed the typing test!

    Have a great day!


  4. Hi,
    I want to download the source code for the typing test. But there is no link in this site for downloading. Please provide the way or the link to download that

  5. Do you have the information on the average typing speed / words per minute of Native English Speakers?

    As I would like to make comparasion. Many thanks.

  6. Emily Carastro says

    The 10 key data entry test is NOT working. Can you please fix it? Do we type exactly as seen as when I do that it doesn’t work either. Please fix PROMPTLY as I need to get a job soon! Thank you.

  7. clara goynes says

    I Can type but not that fast because i just cant get my finger in the right position to type that fast ! i just don’t know what i am doing with my finger.

  8. Carleen Atwood says

    I cant seem to get to the proper place to take the 10-Key and type test. Please help!

  9. Donna Eddings says


    I am looking into typing and 10-key tests and have decided that maybe I can have someone on my staff create one to alleviate the cost of buying a program. Then I found your website. Is this really available for people free of charge – even agencies?

  10. Canada Sushi says

    Your 10 key numberpad test has bugs, please test it.

  11. Carolyn James says

    I took the civil service test for the 1st time and did not pass. I just did not know what to expect. Having to follow along and type the words in blue as they appeared to me was confusing too me on the 1st go round. Then I found your website. I practiced your typing test, tried again and passed with flying colors. I increased my typing speed by 7 words a minute! There are so many websites out there who charge you for the service you provide. Thank you for helping all of us who are unemployed and need as much help as we can get!


  12. Hi,

    I wanted to have a play with your typing test program, and wanted to download it to my PC as I’m not online all the time, but couldn’t find a link on the Download page. Is it still available.

    Kind Regards,

  13. Dave Phillips says


    I would like to add your typing test to my website. Do you have a licensing fee? If so, how much. I’d also be very interested in your flash version, especially if it is in flex, as i would like to save my test taker’s scores in a database.


    Dave Phillips

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