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Typing Skills are more Important Than Ever! Today employers use the term “typing skills” but they’re really talking about “keyboarding” skills. While the typewriter and the computer keyboards are closely related, they’re not identical twins. If you’re a pro on the IBM Selectric, but you’re a bit dusty on the PC keyboard, your fingers are going to trip across each other looking for keys which no longer exist or aren’t where they used to be.

 Even though there is a whole generation of computer literate people who have never even seen a typewriter in the wild much less used one, today’s jobs require computer keyboard skills which demand typing speed and accuracy.

Being fast on the keyboard is of no value if what you type is not accurate. Sure, you can be very accurate if you type with two fingers and stare at the keyboard, but you already know that this will cost you speed.

Speed and accuracy can only come from training your fingers to know the exact location of every key on the keyboard. Typing Speed and accuracy suffers when you have to remove your eyes from what you are reading to hunt and peck your way through the next sentence.

Have you ever seen someone who has mastered the keyboard when they are typing a document? It’s like watching a grand pianist playing in concert. Fingers fly and words almost scream across the screen. How do they get this good? Practice. How can you get this good? The same way.

Our typing test will help you increase your typing speed and accuracy. You’ll not only improve your speed, but you’ll receive a report detailing your results. Best of all, you’ll be prepared for the typing test that’s given to most applicants as part of the interview process.


  1. I can type about 61 wpm without mistakes. Now if only I can get a job that will pay me to type. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  2. Expert_Master Typist777 says

    Hello guys! I tried to type and have just been got 1000 wpm. 🙂 ehehe 😀 so many people told, that this was soooo awesome! 😀

  3. Practice make perfect ,i got improve on the past couple of weeks…brlliant speed typin.

  4. Bushra ismail says

    hi my typing speed is 10 words per minute how i can improve my typing speed

  5. hi … can any one pls temme that how to improve my typing speed …. now m in only 26 wmp …. pls anyone help me

  6. hi i can type on 20 – 30 wpm. please can you help to improve my typing skill as faster i can.
    i need to improve my typing skill as early as possible…

    please help me

    with kind regards

  7. this is an awesome typin class

  8. Ian Salzar says

    I havent try yet but i will try right now

  9. i need heip i type to slow

  10. je suis tres lente comment je peux ameliorer mon speed svp.


    resently, i attend some interview reagarding for the post of D.E.O. and i finished at 120 WPM. but dont know why the call or appointment letter dint got. I dont know what they want.

  12. Alia Jordan says

    Hi. I just started typing today and I got 120 wpm. People keep on saying that this is so good!

  13. Hi, i type 78 wpm with 100% accuracy.

  14. hey girl i miss you well idk what to say but i got 73 miles per hour o my gosh its amazing

  15. am good in typing 25 – 30 wpm, i dont know i think my fingers are too big to see the other alphabets.
    Please help me to improve my typing skills.

  16. on every test i tock i got 100% and my mom is proud of me nobody had to teach me eny thing. but when i pass a test on 100% i get to go to the skateing ring every satday’s and i get to go all thoght the day that tight people

  17. i can’t get past 89 wpm with 97% accuracy. in highschool i was in high 90s for wpm and accuracy. i don’t understand how so many people are such slow typers? do they not teach that in school anymore??

  18. I type 68wpm with 2 fingers

  19. mi accracy went 2 95 2 100

  20. i hate typing and i hate my class

  21. how can i improve my typing plz send

  22. Just started one week ago: 15-20 wpm.

  23. please tell how i improve my typing speed

  24. farhad ahmed says

    my typing speed is not more than 48 wpm.

  25. I type 48 wpm. yay!!

  26. Typing is kinda my life, so I type around 100 wpm or so. But I’m also only a freshmen in high school, currenlty 14

  27. Trying to test my typing speed

  28. My Mom was a typing teacher…135 wpm. I currently type 35..use to be 50. I’m a manager not a receptionist…so not fair! Laptop keyboards are CRUEL!

  29. Clark Sam says

    I need to practice more…ill keep on trying, Try and try until i die

  30. i need more practice! im so slow!

  31. 135 wpm at 97% accuracy. COOL

  32. I can’t get higher than 72 or 73 wpm to save my life and keep 100% accuracy, how can people get 90 and 100+?

  33. I got 29 wpm! yay! (on a different site) my average is 30-32wpm.

  34. I can type about 65 wpm without mistakes. My mom can do 95 wpm. Now if only I can get a job that will pay me to type. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  35. im starting work in a call centre on monday and need to improve my speed typing on the keybourd to at least 50 wpm oleaase help me

  36. I’m a 14 year old kid in high school and I just took an online typing test during computer class today to show that we have the ability to type fast. I got 101wpm and everyone, even my teacher, were amazed. I suppose I have a good future with typing infront of me. ;D

  37. my typing speed is toooooooo slow . how to increase it

  38. I got 65 WPM

  39. amanda curley says

    i need to practice more HELP! please.

  40. The average a human should be able to type is about 30 wpm, so most of you are really really good. Especially you young kids in elementry. im currently in high school and I used to type 28 but now i type the maximum 35 wpm and at the least 30 wpm.

  41. chinnathambi says


    my typing speed is very low,
    how improve my speed

    pls advise



  42. Kathy Garcia says

    i just retook the test for the 5th time today and im at 84 wpm . wow

  43. Kathy Garcia says

    i type 50-60 wpm . how is that . good or bad

  44. i need to improve my wpm. now its 33 to 35 . any tips plz.

  45. I need 50-60 Im at 38 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. how can i view ur typing test

  47. for those who got above 50 wpm you better use all the characters rather than 1 letter….ok doki….chow!

  48. I am a 5th grader and I set a typing record of 114 wpm today with only 2 errors :D. I kicks butt!

  49. thanks 🙂

  50. kutie kakes says

    i have been improving my speed… i want to reach 50 wpm…. i have 9 more to go….

  51. i want job my typing speed is so fast

  52. i try the typing test too. but my typing test is only maximum 30wpm

  53. Kristie Griggs says

    I had type 45.

  54. i imporve i started at 17 now im at 38

  55. I am trying to improve I started at 17 wpm now at 38

  56. Linda Miller says

    I made 54 wpm with no errors.

  57. mhy speed have increased thanx to this and it was without an tutor i have don 30 – 35

  58. Mine is just 32 on average, i have to work harder!

  59. hi,
    my name is lalita i have increased my speed without a tutor no i have do 20-25wpm.

  60. Good job everyone!

  61. I can type 68 wpm with great accuracy anyone need an employee who can type fast?

  62. I would like to increase my speed and learn the keys so that I type without having to look at the keys all the time.
    I would also like to type with minimum errors.

    I have no mastery of the keys at all.
    Please help.

  63. Patricia says

    My accuracy is excellent like 98%, speed is another things – 61 wpm, it seem to go back and forth between 50 and 60. Um seems like a problem!!!

  64. Danielle Anderson says

    Depends on how flustered around the words are. My best is 123wpm, but usually ranges between 80-106wpm. Like I said, just depends!

  65. courtney says

    Hi my name is courtney and im 11 yrs old and in 5th grade and i type 70-85 words per minute. but I still look at the keys

  66. I type 120 wpm!

  67. Its funny…, I have typed 34wpm

  68. Iam 11 years old and my typing speed is 31.36 wpm is that good or bad? And whats the average for my age?

  69. Ryan Elise says

    I type at 84 wpm. Man I am good.

  70. I just did 5 minutes of typing and got 39wpm. Will try for faster.

  71. So im chillin at 84 WPM =)

  72. 64 wpm!

  73. I have a wpm of 98. The computer is my life!

  74. No Commet, Just trying to build my speed on typing.


    65 wpm

  76. I need to type at least 45 wpm. Am only at about 35. If my hands wouldn’t get cold and stiff, I could probably do better.

  77. i usually typed 50wpm+, it makes me mad sometimes
    that the keyboard are sticky, seemed you are typing into a plain tile. that time when I have my keyboarding exam when applying as a call center agent and they flunk me down by that.

  78. 92wpm.

  79. I have not worked in 4 years , I am a little rusty use to type 40 now i am down to 28

  80. I type pretty fast, but it is weird that I STILL feel the need to look at the keys?? lol

  81. I hope this will be up and working soon.

  82. I can type past, as 45 to 50 wpm

  83. my typing speed only 44; I’m applying for postion that requires 50 – 60 wpm!!
    I’ve got a LONG way to go……

  84. travis brown says

    typing is fun and my is 34mph

  85. Its ok but my typing speed is 32 wpm

  86. I took the test and type anywhere from 25-30 wmp.

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