Typing Tutor

Below you'll find the typing tutor which will help improve your typing speed and accuracy. To start the test, simply click on the keyboard and watch the L, R, Hands. As always, we welcome any comments you may have and are always looking for ways to … [Read more...]

10 Key Typing Speed Test – Free Internet Online Ten Key Testing

Looking to test your 10 key speed? The test below will do just that and comes with a number of options including the ability to change the keys you are tested on and the duration of the test. If you have not already read our how our typing test … [Read more...]

Typing Speed

Typing Skills are more Important Than Ever! Today employers use the term "typing skills" but they're really talking about "keyboarding" skills. While the typewriter and the computer keyboards are closely related, they're not identical twins. If … [Read more...]

Typing Test Download

Get Our Free Typing Test This page is for those that wish to download our basic typing test. If you're here to take our advanced typing test, then visit the Typing Speed Test page. Test My Typing offers you the ability to download our free … [Read more...]

Free Typing Games

Many visitors have suggested adding some free typing games and we want you to know that we're working on this right now. One of the typing games currently in development is one that I created on my Vic-20 many years ago. I'm very excited to be … [Read more...]